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Is the quoted price the final price or are there extra/hidden costs?

The quoted price is based on the type of load and distance between pickup and delivery addresses. It is the TOTAL price and there are no extra fees unless the information provided by the customer is deemed to be intentionally false or incorrect in order to obtain a lower price. In such a case the quote will be revised and the customer will be charged accordingly before completion of the move.

Can you deliver after hours or on the weekend?

Yes of course, but please note that evenings and weekends are generally busier so please try to arrange for weekday business hours to get the best price and availability.

Will I be expected to help load and offload?

Our drivers generally operate alone, and in order to keep the price to you as low as possible, it is expected that the seller and buyer at either point will assist with the loading and offloading. If that is not possible then you should please specify that you need an Extra Helper (or 2 or more if required) when booking your job or requesting a quote.

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Can you pick up multiple items from different locations and deliver to me?

Yes no problem there. As long as all the information is provided accurately and all concerned parties are available at pickup and delivery points.

Can pick up and delivery be on different days?

Generally pickup and delivery occurs within the same trip, but exceptions can be made by prior arrangement. The price will be affected due to additional loading and offloading, and storage between trips.

Do you have a storage facility?

Yes, secure overnight storage can be provided at an additional cost.